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Attracting Butterflies

When planning to attract butterflies to your garden, it is important to remember the following requirements:

1. Butterflies linger in sunny places! They are “cold blooded” and require warmth to be active.

2. Butterflies linger in places protected from the wind. They are more wings then body and are affected by gusts of wind.

3. Butterflies linger where moisture and minerals are provided. They don’t drink like most animals; they must “lick” water from moist surfaces. Add ordinary table salt to provide necessary nutrients.

4. Butterflies linger where there is a source of nectar. Research plant varieties for providing season long sources of nectar. Another helpful hint is knowing that butterflies are insects that have a life cycle with two feeding stages; the caterpillar and the mature stage. Caterpillars require adequate leaf materials to chew before the adults require nectar.

5. People linger in the butterfly garden to relax and watch the fun. Be sure and provide a bench, gazebo, swing or other lawn furniture to enjoy the entire experience. The folks at Tree Top Nursery can assist you in everything you need to create your very own butterfly garden!

butterfly on flower
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