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Borers encompass various insects whose larvae feed inside the bark of trees and large shrubs. Predominantly beetles, they can also include clear-winged moths like the lilac-ash borer. Some of the most destructive borers include the Emerald Ash Borer, devastating native…

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Why Aren’t My Annuals Blooming

Annuals may not bloom for a variety of reasons. If your petunias or geraniums suddenly quit blooming, the first thing to check for is budworms. These small green caterpillars will eat the blooms before the buds even open. Million bells and…

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Crabgrass Prevention

When you envision a lush, green lawn or beautifully manicured garden beds, the last thing you want to see is an invasive, weed-like grass known as crabgrass. This pesky annual plant seems to pop up out of nowhere, quickly taking…

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Green June Beetles and Japanese Beetles

Green June beetles and Japanese Beetles are similar in appearance and are often confused with one another, but Japanese beetles are much more destructive. Green June Beetles are large (about 1 inch long,) velvety green on top, and shiny green…

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Henbit and Chickweed

Henbit and chickweed are two weeds with very similar lifecycles and methods for control. While they can show up in shrub beds, they are more of a concern in the lawn. Henbit is the showier of the two, with prominent…

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Orchard Grass

Orchard grass is a concern in our lawns because it is often mixed with cheap grass seed. Since it's a cool-season perennial like fescue, it is very difficult to control once introduced. Orchardgrass is a bunch grass that does not…

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Army Worms

Fall Armyworm is the caterpillar form of a moth. They don't overwinter in Kansas but migrate from Mexico and the Southern States. The females lay eggs in large clusters, and the caterpillars hatch and feed together, migrating in search of…

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Euonymus Scale

Euonymus scale is one of the most damaging scales in our area. It can cause defoliation and even the death of many Euonymus. These scales can also affect a groundcover called Pachysandra. Euonymus scales are small (1/8th inch) insects with…

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Seed Potatoes

Potato Planting Guide

When to Plant: Mid-March – St. Patrick's Day – is a traditional time to plant spring potatoes in KS, while early to mid-July is the time to plant for a fall harvest. Cutting and Preparing Seed: Select firm, solid seed…

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