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Field Bindweed

Field bindweed is a noxious weed that can invade lawns and landscapes and is very difficult to eradicate. Bindweed is a vine with wiry stems and oval or arrow-shaped leaves that quickly twines around shrubs, grasses, fences, and anything else…

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Emerald Ash Borer

The emerald ash borer is an invasive beetle from Asia that is devastating our native ash forests and urban plantings. The beetle is about ½ inch long and metallic green. The adult beetles are active from May through July. The…

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Ash Flower Gall

The ash flower gall is an unsightly plant growth caused by a mite that appears on ash trees. It specifically infects the clusters of male flowers ashes produce. Clusters of these tumor-like growths start to expand and become woody in…

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Oak Itch Mite

The oak itch mite is a pest to humans, not plants. A nearly microscopic mite, oak itch mites fall from pin oak trees starting in July through leaf drop in the fall. Raking oak leaves in autumn can also expose…

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crape myrtle

August Garden Calendar

Lawn Care If you're planning to completely renovate your lawn, start spraying Hi Yield's Killzall around the 10th of the month. You may need to spray 2 mores times to eliminate some grassy weeds. Fertilize lawns now only if it…

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