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Growing Tomatoes

Here are a few tips for growing the best tomatoes.   1. Before planting, improve your soil by mixing Cotton Boll Compost into your existing soil. 2. Set the plant slightly deeper than the container. 3. Water with a starter…

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Succulent Care

Succulent plants are a very diverse range of plants with thick leaves or stems that store water. Many of them make excellent houseplants and container plants. Their popularity has skyrocketed due to their ease of care, bright colors, and architectural…

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Attracting Pollinators

With some pollinators being threatened by habitat loss, there is a renewed interest in creating beds and even whole gardens for them. Several landscape plants can be used purely for their ornamental value but have the added benefit of drawing…

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Growing Clematis

Clematis is a beautiful plant to grow in your garden. They are an easy-to-grow flowering vine that is not too aggressive. With proper site selection and a little care, you will be treated to beautiful summer flowers for years to…

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Coneflower Ruby Star

Drought Tolerant Plants

Drought tolerant plants are easy on the budget and grow well in our area during droughts. They are able to survive even if there are water restrictions or they are planted in an area that has no access to water.…

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Hosta Francee

Dry Shade Gardens

Landscaping and gardening pose many challenges, and one of the most difficult is dealing with dry shade. These areas typically result from large shade trees that out-compete smaller plants for water and nutrients, or overhanging eaves that cast shadows over…

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Red Yucca

Hot Gardens

There are lots of challenging conditions in landscaping and gardening. One of the most challenging is extreme heat. This condition can be created in areas surrounded by concrete and asphalt or buildings reflecting heat off their south or west sides.…

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Iron Chlorosis

Pin oaks, birches, and certain maples are prone to a problem called iron chlorosis. Iron chlorosis is a condition caused by the inability of certain trees to uptake iron when soil PH is too high. It shows in the foliage…

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African Violet

African Violet Care

African Violets are arguably the best houseplants for reblooming and adding color to the indoors.  Plant breeders have also created lots of exciting colors, flower shapes, and even variegated leaves for this old favorite.  African violets are generally forgiving if…

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Why Aren’t My Annuals Blooming

Annuals may not bloom for a variety of reasons. If your petunias or geraniums suddenly quit blooming, the first thing to check for is budworms. These small green caterpillars that will eat the blooms before the buds even open. Million bells…

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