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Mushrooms in the lawn

Mushrooms in the Lawn

Mushrooms that appear in grassy areas rarely do damage to turfgrass. They can be unsightly, however, and fairy-ring mushrooms, in particular, can create a darker green ring in the grass where they are actively growing. Since many mushrooms are also…

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Attracting Pollinators

With some pollinators being threatened by habitat loss, there is a renewed interest in creating beds and even whole gardens for them. Several landscape plants can be used purely for their ornamental value but have the added benefit of drawing…

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Pine Wilt Nematode

This devastating disease is a large factor in the mass die-off of pine trees in our area. Caused by a microscope worm in the vascular system of the tree, this disease is moved from pine to pine by the Pine…

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Attracting Beneficial/Predatory Insects

In bird, butterfly, and organic vegetable gardens, chemicals are often not an option if a pest problem arises. One solution is to attract or buy beneficial or predatory insects. These insects can naturally reduce pest populations. The most common example…

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Controlling Ants

While ants are a natural part of the environment and can even help loosen soils and make them more fertile, often, they are huge pests that can get into our houses or move aphids around on our garden plants. Ants…

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Oak gall

Oak Galls

Oak galls are tumor-like plant growths that appear on oak leaves or twigs. They are caused by tiny parasitic wasps or midges. While dramatic looking, rarely do any damage to the tree. As the tiny larva of these insects starts…

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Johnson Grass

Johnson Grass is a grassy weed that requires particular attention because it is a spreading perennial that can ruin lawns and landscapes if not dealt with. While this grass is generally not a pest in well-managed areas, in lawns that…

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Chinch Bugs

This small insect is a true bug and can be a major turf pest some years. Chinch bugs feed on turf from June through September, so their feeding can often look like drought stress, brown patch, or grub damage. Adults…

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Hosta Francee

Dry Shade Gardens

Landscaping and gardening pose many challenges, and one of the most difficult is dealing with dry shade. These areas typically result from large shade trees that out-compete smaller plants for water and nutrients, or overhanging eaves that cast shadows over…

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Japanese Beetle

Green June Beetles and Japanese Beetles

Green June beetles and Japanese Beetles are similar in appearance and are often confused with one another, but Japanese beetles are much more destructive. Green June Beetles are large (about 1 inch long,) are velvety green on top, and shiny…

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