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Ferli•lome winterizer

Winterizing Lawns

Fall is the best time to fertilize fescue lawns. During the fall, fescue grass uses fertilizer to develop a stronger root system and store energy for the following year. A lawn properly fed in the fall will be healthier and…

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Lawn Overseeding

Determine the size of the lawn that needs overseeding. Overseed fescue lawn at a rate of 4-6 pounds per 1000 square feet. Visit our grass seed calculator to determine the quantity of seed needed. Choose a quality grass seed such as Gard’n-wise Premium…

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Brown Patch on fescue

Brown Patch

Fescue lawns occasionally get a fungal infection called Brown Patch. It occurs when nighttime temperatures are above 65 degrees, and there is high humidity. Symptoms include browning patches or a thinning lawn. Blades of grass around the infected areas will…

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Lawn Renovation

Deciding to overseed your existing lawn or scrap the entire thing and start from scratch can be a difficult decision. Usually, if less than 50% of the lawn is grass, then you want to start from scratch. Late summer and…

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Johnson Grass

Johnson Grass is a grassy weed that requires particular attention because it is a spreading perennial that can ruin lawns and landscapes if not dealt with. While this grass is generally not a pest in well-managed areas, in lawns that…

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Nut Grass

Nutgrass Control

Nutsedge, sometimes called nutgrass or watergrass, looks like tall, thin, glossy blades of grass in the lawn and in landscape beds. It is actually in the sedge family. The fastest way to identify it is to roll an entire spring or…

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Mushrooms in the lawn

Mushrooms in the Lawn

Mushrooms that appear in grassy areas rarely do damage to turfgrass. They can be unsightly however and fairy-ring mushrooms, in particular, can create a darker green ring in the grass where they are actively growing. Since many mushrooms are also…

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Little Barley Grass

Little Barley Grass

Little Barley is a grassy weed that can also be a concern for pet owners and anyone with socks on in early summer. This winter annual will produce seedheads and turn brown in early summer, even if it is mowed…

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Prostrate Spurge

Lawn Weeds

While a healthy, full lawn is the best defense against weeds, they often sneak through any gaps in your lawn. If your lawn is stressed and thinning, weeds will be a constant problem.  Luckily, there are many solutions to get…

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