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Little barley Grass

Grassy Weeds in Lawns

Grassy weeds in lawns are notoriously hard to control. Since our turf grasses are grasses themselves, chemical controls are limited. A full, healthy lawn is always the first defense against weeds. Chemical control methods depend on whether the weed is…

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Field Bindweed

Field bindweed is a noxious weed that can invade lawns and landscapes and is very difficult to eradicate. Bindweed is a vine with wiry stems and oval or arrow-shaped leaves that quickly twines around shrubs, grasses, fences, and anything else…

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Growing Clematis

Clematis is a beautiful plant to grow in your garden. They are an easy-to-grow flowering vine that is not too aggressive. With proper site selection and a little care, you will be treated to beautiful summer flowers for years to…

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Emerald Ash Borer

The emerald ash borer is an invasive beetle from Asia that is devastating our native ash forests and urban plantings. The beetle is about ½ inch long and metallic green. The adult beetles are active from May through July. The…

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Ash Flower Gall

The ash flower gall is an unsightly plant growth caused by a mite that appears on ash trees. It specifically infects the clusters of male flowers ashes produce. Clusters of these tumor-like growths start to expand and become woody in…

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Bulbs – how to plant

Spring bulbs are some of the first and brightest plants to bloom after winter.  Adding this fresh touch to the landscape is a fairly simple investment and can last years, depending on the species of the bulb.  Daffodils, tulips, crocus,…

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