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Oak Itch Mite

The oak itch mite is a pest to humans, not plants. A nearly microscopic mite, oak itch mites fall from pin oak trees starting in July through leaf drop in the fall. Raking oak leaves in autumn can also expose…

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Boxelder Bug

Boxelder Beetles

Boxelder beetles (also known as boxelder bugs) are a nuisance pest that swarms houses and other buildings in the fall. They are about ½ inch long and are dark grey to black and orange. As temperatures drop in the fall,…

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February Garden Calendar

Lawn Contact Tree Top to get a quote for lawn maintenance. Garden During February or early-March, start vegetable, annual and perennial seeds indoors for a head start on spring. Slow-maturing plants such as peppers, eggplants, broccoli, cauliflower, and kale should be…

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April Garden Calendar

Lawn Seed or Overseed cool-season lawns in the spring (late-March to April) or fall (September to late-October). Always use New Lawn Starter when seeding. Apply crabgrass preventers from March to mid-April. Do not use a crabgrass preventer if you are overseeding.…

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May Garden Calendar

Lawn Fertilize bluegrass and fescue with Ferti-lome Green Maker in late-May. If broadleaf weeds are a problem use Ferti-lome Weed Free Zone Plus Lawn Fertilizer to fertilize and control weeds at the same time. If you don’t want to fertilize: but need to control…

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June Garden Calendar

Lawn Plant buffalo grass June through July if irrigation is available. If not, plant in April or May to take advantage of the moisture. Spray nutgrass while it is still small. As the weather turns hot and dry, sprinkler systems need to…

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