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Iron Chlorosis

Pin oaks, birches, and certain maples are prone to a problem called iron chlorosis. Iron chlorosis is a condition caused by the inability of certain trees to uptake iron when soil PH is too high. It shows in the foliage where the…

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Growing Tomatoes

Here are a few tips for growing the best tomatoes. 1. Before planting, improve your soil by mixing Cotton Boll Compost into your existing soil. 2. Set the plant slightly deeper than the container. 3. Water with a starter solution…

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Growing Clematis

Clematis are a beautiful plant to grow in your garden. They are an easy to grow flowering vine that is not too aggressive. With proper site selection and a little care, you will be treated to beautiful summer flowers for years…

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Fruit Tree Pollination

APPLES- Apples need a pollinator. Almost any two kinds that bloom together offers good cross-pollination. The following varieties produce poor pollen so they cannot pollinate other varieties: Jonagold, Spigold, Mutsu, Gravenstein, Winesap, & Stayman. If you plant one of these…

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