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Brown Patch On Fescue

Brown Patch

Fescue lawns occasionally get a fungal infection called Brown Patch. It occurs when nighttime temperatures are above 65 degrees, and there is high humidity. Symptoms include browning patches or a thinning lawn. Blades of grass around the infected areas will…

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Growing Onions

Onions are grown from sets, plants, or seed. Sets are small onion bulbs that are planted in the spring to produce green onions – scallions – or bulbs later in the season. Onions can be grown from seed, but seed…

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Little Barley Grass

Grassy Weeds in Lawns

Grassy weeds in the lawn are notoriously hard to control. Since our turf grasses are grasses themselves, chemical controls are limited. A full, healthy lawn is always the first defense against weeds. Chemical control methods depend on whether the weed…

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Prostrate Spurge

Lawn Weeds

While a healthy, full lawn is the best defense against weeds, they often sneak through any gaps in your lawn. If your lawn is stressed and thinning, weeds will be a constant problem.  Luckily, there are many solutions to get…

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Weeds In Landscape Beds

Weeds are nearly inevitable in flowerbeds. Luckily there are multiple ways to prevent and control the problem so that your flowers can grow without competition. The first line of defense is to make sure the area is completely clean of…

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