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Poinsettia Care

Poinsettias are the most popular houseplants for Christmas in the United States.  Their showy bracts can come in red, pink, white, cream, peach or even green and burgundy.   With the proper care, this houseplant can last long after Christmas and can survive for years.  Getting poinsettias to rebloom however is incredibly tricky and generally requires greenhouse conditions.

To care for your poinsettia through the holidays and afterward, make sure the plant is never exposed to cold drafts.  If it’s sitting near a door it will drop lots of leaves prematurely.  Always make sure it’s protected from the cold on the trip home as well.

Poinsettias also require bright light.  East, west and south windows are best, but make sure the leaves don’t touch the panes.

Poinsettias prefer to be watered when the top of their potting soil is dry but before it wilts.  Once a poinsettia starts to wilt it will drop many of its leaves.  When watering, add water until it runs through the holes in the bottom of the pot and make sure the plant never sits in the water.

Following these simple steps will ensure the plant is beautiful throughout the season and beyond.

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