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Winter Gardening

Just because the trees are bare and there is snow on the ground doesn’t mean you have to give up on the garden. A well-planned garden provides year-round interest and visual treats.

Many evergreens and hardy ornamental grasses offer a nice texture in the colder months. But nothing can compare to the vibrant color of berries during the winter. Some berries will attract birds and add to your winter garden experience. Here are a few suggestions for berry color: American Cranberrybush has red berries, Brandywine Viburnum offers bluish-black berries, Coralberry gives us reddish-purple berries, while the Eastern Red Cedar bears powdery blue fruit. There are many more varieties of berry and winter fruit-bearing plants. So, no more dreary winter gardens. Visit Tree Top and ask an expert to show you the different options for your garden!

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